About O4 Research

O4 Research is a dynamic and innovative CRO, operating throughout the UK, Ireland and with partners Europe-wide. Our focus is on providing a personalised, high quality, cost effective service which extends across Phases II-IV, Real World, Non-Interventional and Investigator Initiated studies.

Our aim is to deliver innovation through collaboration by placing the patient at the heart of our thinking.

The benefits of this patient centric approach resonate across all aspects of our studies by creating a strong identity and dynamism around each study. This ensures that your project, large or small, becomes and remains a priority for all involved.

We provide alternative, proactive trial management which is in sync with today's unprecedented challenges. Our extensive experience ensures effective and creative solutions at every stage and this facilitates consolidation of timelines whilst maintaining the highest quality standards.

Our successful ‘innovation through collaboration’ strategy enables us to make things happen and ultimately deliver results that matter.

The O4 Research team has an excellent track record in conducting clinical trials across a wide range of therapeutic areas.

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O4 Research

Values & Strategy

We believe that clinical research benefits us all, that’s why our aim is to deliver innovation through collaboration, placing the patient at the heart of every process so all together we can achieve a brighter future.


Operating our business responsibly is our primary consideration and fundamental to our success.

Hollistic Approach

Understanding the principle of 'cause and effect'.

Challenging Preconceptions

Encouraging innovative thinking and an entrepreneurial spirit which translate to competitive advantages.


Recognising that trust is engendered through transparency; the cornerstone of our activities.

Commitment to Excellence

Aspiring to be the best that we can be in all aspects of business.


Deliver greater value added services to our key clients.

Adapt & Tailor

Excel in an evolving climate of change, view development from the client’s view point and provide a highly focused, customised approach.

Passion & Innovation

Provide creative solutions, minimise risk and implement novel research concepts.


Grow our business & extend our geographical reach beyond Europe.

Active Engagement

Direct engagement with the public to increase their understanding and to help restore trust
and confidence in research.

Continuous Review & Improvement

Maximise efficiency, competitive costs and simplify our operating model.